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Based on documents located at the FTBG archives we know that before 1931 David Fairchild travelled to Cuba at least once (Fairchild, unpublished); however, additional historical research is needed to have full details of the itineraries followed by Fairchild along the Caribbean Islands.
From this account and Fairchild's unpublished manuscripts found in the FTBG archives it appears that the main reason to include The Bahamas in this trip was to collect germplasm of "sea-island cotton.
This plant hunting endeavor was the only major expedition undertaken by David Fairchild to collect plant material for FTBG.
The Latin American and Caribbean Center of FIU and FTBG supported attendance at the symposium.
Therefore this grant marked the starting point for the living collections of Bahamian plants of FTBG and also provided a framework to develop research activities targeting plants from these islands.
In addition, as a result of this field trip, 23 Bahamian species that were deceased from the FTBG collections are now restituted, including two Bahamian endemics and nine species restricted to the Bahamas and at least another Caribbean island.
The FTBG living collection of Bahamian plants has been a source of material for additional molecular phylogenetic studies that included endemics restricted to the Bahamas and other islands of the West Indies.