FTCGFleet Town Centre Group (Fleet, Hampshire, UK)
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Figure 7 shows that the accelerations under PNG and FTCG reached to 200 m/[s.sup.2] too early and the acceleration under AAADG dis not reach to 200 m/[s.sup.2] at the end of the terminal guidance.
Guidance law PNG FTCG AAADG Final miss distance (m) 35.2539 8.7406 0.6663 Impact time (s) 13.17 12.97 12.97 Table 2: Final miss distance and impact time.
The ESO-based FTCG (ESOFTCG) laws in [19], however, still have limitation: ESO cannot guarantee the estimation error fully converges to zero when the target acceleration is time-varying.
And then a novel FTCG law is designed based on the output of AFDO.
(2) The proposed FTCG law is strictly finite-time convergent in the presence of time-varying target acceleration.
Then, a AFDO-based FTCG law is proposed, and the finite-time stability of the law is also obtained.
If S = 0 can be satisfied in finite time, the objective of FTCG will be achieved [19].
Thus the requirement of FTCG cannot be guaranteed by the FTCG law (10) if the varying rate g(t) is very large (in Section 4 of this paper, the simulation result also demonstrates that the performance of existing ESOFTCG law is poor when the target acceleration is fast time-varying).
After estimating the target acceleration with AFDO, a novel FTCG law is designed as follows:
From the result of Theorem 7, it is clear that the problem that ESOFTCG law (10) cannot strictly guarantee S converge to zero is solved by the proposed AFDO-based FTCG law.