FTCPFederal Technical Capability Program
FTCPField Trains Command Post
FTCPFlorida Tobacco Control Program
FTCPFront-End Telemetry and Command Processor
FTCPFiscal Totals Clear Parameter
FTCPFagopyrum Tataricum Complex Prescription
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Having an operations sergeant and operations assistant, like in the cavalry squadron, would bolster the FTCP and make it a much more viable command node.
This is more than enough equipment to push logistics packages from the BSA to each FTCP while still providing retail bulk fuel in the BSA.
The FTCP cannot simply move to a location that provides solid line-of-sight communication with the TOC and CTCP; it must remain collocated with the RSA with its supply yards and supply support activity (SSA) to build LOGPACs, receive new Soldiers and equipment, and for security reasons.
The motor pool can be designated as the FTCP/ UMCP (unit maintenance collection point), the command posts (CPs) for the FTCP and CTCP can simply be the $4 shop and HHC orderly room during Bradley tables V-VIII.
Soft-skinned HMMWVs (high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles) had to stay back with TOC B, at the FTCP when armored TOC vehicles moved forward.