FTCPFederal Technical Capability Program
FTCPField Trains Command Post
FTCPFlorida Tobacco Control Program
FTCPFront-End Telemetry and Command Processor
FTCPFiscal Totals Clear Parameter
FTCPFagopyrum Tataricum Complex Prescription
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The concept of sustainment then synchronizes sustainment nodes across the battlefield based on the location of the maneuver elements, the BSA, and where each battalion's FSC places the FTCP and CTCP.
1 at Fort Bliss, Texas, Echo FSC was attached to the 40th BEB, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, and provided logistics support without running a true FTCP and CTCP.
Minimal FSC representation in the FTCP and BSA was optimal because it allowed assets to be stationed forward in the BEB TAA to conduct logistics release point operations with the BSB's distribution company and in company trains with engineer companies that were operating near the FLOT.
This logistics estimate will inform the concept of support that will specify the task organization of the FSC assets between the FTCP and the CTCP.
The FTCP team receives and directs all FSC convoys arriving and departing the BSA and serves as a direct liaison to the BSB support operations officer.
OC/Ts have observed that having the FSC executive officer provide mission command at the FTCP in close proximity to the support operations officer results in successful coordination of emerging requirements.
It is common to co-locate the FSC and the FTCP within the BSA because of manpower issues or the inability of the FSC to protect itself.
While I was an FSC commander for a cavalry reconnaissance squadron, my company and FTCP were located within the BSA during most decisive action field training exercises.
It was home to the maneuver S-4 and other battalion staff along with the FSC first sergeant or executive officer, who supervised sustainment operations from the FTCP to the company trains.
Having an operations sergeant and operations assistant, like in the cavalry squadron, would bolster the FTCP and make it a much more viable command node.
This is more than enough equipment to push logistics packages from the BSA to each FTCP while still providing retail bulk fuel in the BSA.
The FSC, even with the reduced number of vehicles and personnel, has proven it can still move itself in one lift to a field or combat environment and support Strykers by establishing viable support nodes in the form of the FTCP and UMCP.