FTCPFLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer) Thermal Certified Professional (security)
FTCPFédération du Personnel du Textile, de la Chimie et du Papier (French: Textile, Chemical and Paper Staff Federation; Switzerland)
FTCPFederal Technical Capability Program
FTCPField Trains Command Post
FTCPFabrice Tissier Chauffage Plomberie (French plumbing and heating company)
FTCPFlorida Tobacco Control Program
FTCPFront-End Telemetry and Command Processor
FTCPFiscal Totals Clear Parameter
FTCPFagopyrum Tataricum Complex Prescription
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CTCPs normally do not have the communications platforms to maintain situational awareness of the battle forward and to relay sustainment requirements to the FTCP. The location of the FSC commander, first sergeant, FSC executive officer, and battalion S-4 are critical to uninterrupted sustainment.
This group brushed teeth twice daily with a dentifrice containing fTCP and 950 ppm fluoride ions (NaF): Clinpro Tooth Creme (3M ESPE, St.
30 and was highlighted by a short program attended by the school principal, teachers, FTCP management, staff and volunteers, PTA officers and local government officials.
The FTCP would be collocated with the regimental support area (RSA) and would process the collection of all classes of supply and the building of logistics packages (LOGPACs).
Coordinate the deliberate training events such as logistics convoys, LRP operations, and FTCP operations toward the end of STX.
The motor pool can be designated as the FTCP/ UMCP (unit maintenance collection point), the command posts (CPs) for the FTCP and CTCP can simply be the $4 shop and HHC orderly room during Bradley tables V-VIII.
Instead, leaders decided to place 90 percent of the personnel at the CTCP and MCP and 10 percent at the FTCP. This gave the FSC more assets forward to support the battalion's varied missions, reduced vulnerability by shrinking the logistics footprint within the brigade support area, and enabled some assets to be moved past other FSC assets on the battlefield as the battalion continued to move.
Soft-skinned HMMWVs (high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles) had to stay back with TOC B, at the FTCP when armored TOC vehicles moved forward.
The FSCs are the link from the BSB to the maneuver battalions and provide the BCT the most flexible logistics support by using assets at the field trains command post (FTCP) and the combat trains command post (CTCP) to complete missions.
The field trains command post (FTCP) is often based on a linear battlefield and depends on mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops, support available, time available, and civil considerations.
FSCs are responsible for setting up the field trains command post (FTCP) and unit maintenance collection point (UMCP), which are often pushed far forward from the brigade support area (BSA) but still behind the forward line of troops.