FTCRFoundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights
FTCRFédération des Tunisiens pour Une Citoyenneté des Deux Rives (French; Tunisian workers union)
FTCRFind the Computer Room (entertainment website and forum)
FTCRFast Topology-driven Constraint-Based Rerouting
FTCRFlight Test Control Room
FTCRFree Testosterone/Cortisol Ratio
FTCRFiat Twin Cam Register (now Sporting Fiats Club)
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The Public Patent Foundation, on behalf of the FTCR, filed a request for reexamination of the three stem cell patents in July, 2006.
Concern about ExxonMobil's abuse of its ties to the GCEP prompted philanthropist Steve Bing to recall a planned $2.5 million gift to the university, according to the FTCR press release.
"The California Patient Guide: Your Health Care Rights and Remedies" was drafted by FTCR and the California Department of Consumer Affairs with the advice of medical experts, legal scholars, and state officials.
In papers filed on Friday, FTCR and PUBPAT said that although WARF has narrowed its claims and made several arguments in its response to the PTO "none of the Patent Owners' arguments have sufficient merit to overcome the rejections."
Ftcr Women's Group representative Behija Ben Hiba emphasised the importance of enforcing laws that protect women from all forms of violence.
In July FTCR and the Public Patent Foundation filed a request for re-examination and charged that WARF was hindering stem cell research in the United States and driving some efforts overseas.
The president of the Federation of Tunisians for a citizenship of two shores (Ftcr) insisted on the legitimate rights of El Kamour protesters.
Ces organisations dont notamment la A FTCR, l'ADTF, Ain Ala Tounes et Reseau Euro-maghrebin citoyennite et culture ont fermement critique le projet de loi de [beaucoup moins que] reconciliation [beaucoup plus grand que] qui selon elles vient consacrer l'impunite et banalise la corruption.
Lors de cette rencontre organisee a l'initiative de l'Union des travailleurs immigres tunisiens (UTIT), la Federation des Tunisiens pour une citoyennete de deux rives (FTCR) et l'Association democratique des Tunisiens en France (ADTF), Samir Cheffi, secretaire general adjoint de l'Union Generale Tunisienne du Travail (UGTT), a recommande "l'urgence d'ouvrir un debat et d'organiser des ateliers de reflexion pour lutter contre le terrorisme".
French "Dignite" is presently in the international waters heading for Gaza, with 12 people from different nationalities on board, including Tunisian activist Oumaya Seddik, representative of Tunisian Federation for Citizenship of the Two Shores (FTCR).
Lors d'un point de presse de la Coordination des Associations de l'Immigration et des Tunisiens a l'Etranger qui se tient actuellement, Tarek Ben Hiba president de la Federation des Tunisiens pour une citoyennete des deux rives (FTCR) a appele a la creation d'un ministere charge de l'immigration.
Le president de la Federation des Tunisiens pour une citoyennete des deux rives (FTCR), Tarek Ben Hiba, a indique que les associations de l'immigration tunisienne et des Tunisiens de l'etranger appellent a la mise en place d'un ministere charge de l'Immigration.