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FTDFinancial Times Deutschland (German sister newspaper of the Financial Times)
FTDFrontotemporal Dementia
FTDFlight Training Device
FTDFederal Tax Deposit
FTDFirst to Default
FTDForeign Technology Division
FTDFailure to Deliver (stock market, short selling)
FTDFastest Time of the Day (auto racing)
FTDField Training Detachment
FTDFun to Drive
FTDFacilitated Transit Document (international relations)
FTDFormal Thought Disorder
FTDFlorist's Transworld Delivery
FTDFort Dearborn Income Securities, Inc. (stock symbol)
FTDFixin' To Die (EMS slang)
FTDFluorescent Tube Display
FTDFreeze to Death
FTDField Test Display
FTDForward Tracking Detector
FTDFree to Decide (Cranberries song)
FTDFill Thread Database (newsgroups)
FTDFunctional Test Demonstration
FTDFear the Deer
FTDFusion Target Design
FTDField Technical Demonstration
FTDFleet Training Device (US Navy AMTCS program)
FTDFile Transfer Date
FTDFleet Training Device
FTDFlight Tracking Data
FTDFlight Test Division
FTDFlight Test Diagnostics
FTDFailure Transition Distance
FTDFuzzy Torque Distributor
FTDFloral Telegraphic Delivery
FTDFrequency Translation Distortion
FTDFreight Traffic Division
FTDFile Type Doctor (software for Windows Vista)
FTDFloor Termination Device (power module)
FTDFinancial Transaction Database
FTDFlight Test Direction
FTDForeign Technical Department
FTDField Test Demonstration
FTDFormal Technical Document
FTDFunctional Task Description
FTDFresh Tight Designs (website)
FTDFixed Term Deposit
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FTD is a disease that hurts the front of the brain, or the part of the brain immediately below the front of the brain.
In the absence of a cure for FTD or effective therapies capable of interfering with the progression of the disease, options for people who worry that they may be susceptible to FTD are limited.
Under the terms of the transaction agreement, Provide Commerce will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of FTD.
AFTD added that a fourth grant focuses on the study ALS, including the disease variant of ALS with FTD and is part of USD29m in research funding earmarked for the Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network, a network of 22 consortia dedicated to furthering translational research and investigating new treatments for patients with rare diseases.
The researchers also discovered new mechanisms by which cell death occurs in FTD.
This was significantly lower than the level in either the FTD patients (848 pg/mL) or the normal controls (935 pg/mL).
The caregiver of a person with both ALS and FTD has the double challenge of caring for a person with two disabling, progressive illnesses.
The test offers prospects for the early detection of FTD caused by a shortage of progranulin.
Goldston said United Online has the marketing expertise to attract consumers to FTD's Web sites and thousands of member florists while cross- selling FTD products to United Online's existing member base of more than 50 million accounts.
FTD will offer competitive wages in the local market compared with similar jobs, Peterson said.
Concurrently, FTD will be placing and maintaining floral industry content on the CrossMarket.
Though less common than Alzheimer's disease, FTD is one of the most prevalent forms of dementia, accounting for 5 to 10 percent of cases.