FTDCForeign Trade Development Centre (India)
FTDCFederação dos Trabalhadores Democrata-Cristãos (Portuguese: Workers Federation of Christian Democrats)
FTDCFaculty Technology Development Center (University of Mississippi)
FTDCFiring Top Dead Center (combustion engine)
FTDCFuzzy Torque Distribution Control
FTDCFondation Tunisienne de Développement Communautaire (French: Tunisian Foundation of Community Development; Tunisia)
FTDCField Testing and Development Center
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The engine uses regular fuel with RON 102 and is expected to run with an optimal value of MFB50 at 8[degrees] CA after FTDC (optimal performance point).
They evaluate the change in the pre-reaction state [I.sub.k] of an air-fuel mixture between inlet valve close (IVC) or 90[degrees]CA before Firing Top Dead Center (FTDC) and knock onset (KO), as shown in equation (3) [16].
Shortly after the low-temperature ignition has occurred, the calorific temperature decreases as the mixture is expanded (FTDC at 0[degrees]CA).
Presolicitation: Flight termination shaped charges (ftsc) & flexible confined detonation cords (ftdc)
As shown in the diagram, no significant influence of the honing shape or the changed piston skirt shape can be recognized in the area of the FTDC.