FTDIFuture Technology Devices International
FTDIFamily Temporary Disability Insurance (California)
FTDIFuture Technology Devices International Ltd
FTDIFranklin Templeton Distributors, Inc.
FTDIFollow the Damned Instructions
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9, 2000) (enjoining use of the FTDI trademarks on defendant's website); PACCAR, Inc.
The power module is built around the BQ24193 integrated battery management integrated circuit by Texas Instruments, which operates as an easy filter buck/boost switching regulator, and a FT232R USB-UART IC by FTDI Chip, which handles communications.
For the Intel Galileo Gen 2 board, connect the 6 pin Serial to Type A USB cable (FTDI cable # TTL-232R-).
Tactile data is transferred via USB-to-UART FTDI Interface and controlled by ATmrga32 board.
Future Technology Devices International Limited (FTDI) has strengthened its portfolio of USB semiconductor solutions, with the release of the FT313H host controller IC.
Future Technology Devices International Limited (FTDI) has added 2 cables to its USB-to-digital level serial interface product offering.
To take charging burdens from a processor, the new X-Chip family of USB-interface chips from FTDI includes circuits that detect a charging port and cause logic to switch from the data-transfer to the battery-charging mode.
The Morph-IC-II development module from FTDI (as shown in Figure 1) is targeted at system designs where hardware is reconfigured (or "morphed") over USB.