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The MikroElektronika mikromedia HMI smart displays, available from Mouser Electronics, are powered by an FTDI Chip FT900Q a 32-bit embedded microcontroller based on a proprietary RISC architecture and engineered for high-speed, interface bridging tasks.
You will see the FTDI when you notice a yard once choked with weeds and junk now covered with a fresh dusting of beautiful, rich, dark dirt.
FTDI Chip's CleO, available from Mouser Electronics, features an HVGA 320 480 pixel resolution, 3.
En la figura 9, se muestra el diseno del sistema implementado en 3D, en este destacan los principales componentes utilizados como: el modulo de comunicacion, controlador FTDI de comunicacion serie USB, dispositivos de regulacion de voltajes y acondicionadores de senales analogas y digitales, los bloques de terminales para conexion de sensores externos tanto analogos como digitales, asi como el punto de conexion para interface serial SPI.
USB is one of the more ubiquitous standards for data transfer, and FTDI Chip helps simplify USB implementation," said Jeff Eastman, senior vice president of global supplier marketing and asset management for Arrow Electronics.
To take charging burdens from a processor, the new X-Chip family of USB-interface chips from FTDI includes circuits that detect a charging port and cause logic to switch from the data-transfer to the battery-charging mode.
Built upon the industry de facto standard Prolific and FTDI chipsets, these cables complement Roving's other data communications portfolio which includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth products that are used in embedded and M2M communications.
The Morph-IC-II development module from FTDI (as shown in Figure 1) is targeted at system designs where hardware is reconfigured (or "morphed") over USB.
The FT801 builds upon the success of the FTDI FT800 EVE which supports resistive touch screens by adding support for capacitive touch screen while further simplifying the design and test of intelligent displays.
Deemed an invaluable reference book by design engineers and purchasing agents around the world, this latest edition includes new products and technologies from numerous new and existing manufacturers, including 3M, Alpha & Omega Semiconductor, AVX, EPCOS, FCI, Finisar, FTDI, HI-TECH Software, Johanson Technology, Laird Technology, Lambda, Murata, Omron, TDK, and Tyco Electronics.
It features on-board emulation using an FTDI device and has temperature sensors, a 3-axis accelerometer, LEDs and push-buttons.
FTDI has received the requisite consents from holders of the notes to effect certain amendments and waivers to the indenture governing such notes and has entered into a third supplemental indenture with respect to the notes, which, upon becoming operative upon FTDI's acceptance of consents following the Expiration Date (as defined below), will eliminate substantially all of the restrictive covenants and certain events of default and waive any and all defaults resulting from the consummation of the pending acquisition of FTD by United Online, Inc.