FTDSFrac Tank Deployment System (SEI Industries Ltd.)
FTDSFlag Tactical Data System
FTDSFormal Training Data System
FTDSFailure Tolerant Disk System
FTDSFamilial Testicular Dysgenesis Syndrome
FTDSFood-Type Dietary Supplement (Australia)
FTDSFault-Tolerant Distributed System
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easyJet will also be the first airline to train its pilots using CAEs latest generation of FTDs, the CAE 600XR Series flight training device (FTD) with CAE Tropos 6000XR collimated visual system and a fully enclosed instructor area.
FTD Companies Inc., a floral and gifting company in Downers Grove, announced two recent appointments and a promotion of e-commerce executives to run its key US consumer brands.
The CAE Dothan Training Center includes two Grob G120TP flight training devices that are FAA Level 6-equivalent FTDs.
Knowledge concerning the microbiological quality of commercialized curd cheese is valuable because the consumption of contaminated food may cause FTDs, thus, representing a public health problem.
"The explosion would certainly be massive, especially as sit-inners continue to suffer not only in Gafsa and Kasserine, but also in several regions including coastal areas," the president of FTDS warned in an interview with African Manager on Thursday, October 6, 2016.
To gain insight into how online health information tools, such as the FTDS, are being used, paradata--data that provide information about the process of interactions between users and the online tool--is employed (Couper et al., 2010).
Full time domain simulations (FTDS) were carried out with the software IPSA+ to compare the results of the QSSS in Matlab.
"Our team provides services centralised around cyber investigations and cyber threat intelligence and is made up of global resources as well as local based talent, including GCC nationals," said Paul Walker from Ernst and Young's forensic technologies and discovery services (FTDS).
An FTD is a "replica of aircraft instruments, equipment, panels and controls in an open flight deck area or an enclosed aircraft flight deck replica." Different standards of FTDs include.
The investigation was focussed mainly on collection and analysis of epidemiological and spray records of PHCs to know the trend of malaria transmission and spraying coverage, inspection of passive surveillance at PHCs and subcentres, use of rapid diagnostic kits (RDK), laboratory activities both at district and PHC level that included on the spot cross-checking of positive and negative blood smears, maintenance of records, etc., movement registers of DMOs, PHC Incharge and other supervisory staff, IEC activities in the villages, involvement of Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) in the programme, fever tratment depots (FTDs), establishment of village health sanitation committee, etc.
As a result, NVBDCP has established drug distribution centres (DDCs) and fever treatment depots (FTDs) within villages.