FTEEFull Time Equivalent Employee
FTEEFull-Time Equivalent Enrollment (college coursework)
FTEEFull-Time Employment Equivalent
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Aggregate numbers, such as number of total and billable tests and interpretations (and who performed the interpretations), number of full-time employee equivalents (FTEEs, classified as technical, nontechnical, and scientist/pathologist), hours worked, laboratory costs (broken down by section, variable versus fixed, etc), number of patients (outpatient visits, discharges, bed-days, etc), for top-down analyses.
A third measure of nurse staffing found in many datasets and studies is FTEE. This measure is intended to quantify the number of nurses working at a hospital.
For example, clinic 1, actually staffed with 3.5 FTEE social workers, virtually covers the high acuity scenario that identifies the need for 3.6 FTEE social workers.
Figure 7 shows the trends of wage and salary expenses divided by the number of full-time equivalent employees (FTEEs) for the two hospital groups.
When divided by the number of FTEE hours (2080), this shows an FTEE savings of 0.22 FTEE per 966 tests, more than one-fifth of an FTEE or 9.0 hours per week.
For a given specialty (e.g., neurology), the quantity of physician FTEE devoted to patient care and resident education across all PCAs at the VAMC was hypothesized to be a function of such factors as total inpatient, ambulatory, and long-term care workload associated with that specialty; the number of residents; and other variables possibly associated with physician time devoted to patient care and resident education.
Rather, he assured the subcommittee that VA would seek supplemental funding from the Office of Management and Budget to preclude any FTEE reduction within the Adjudication Division.
For a ftee stocking-stuffer geared to budding natural scientists of all ages, consider booklets and reprints of articles by the U.S.
For greater comfort, you can alter the handset: several shoulder rest styles ($5 to $10) leave both hands ftee. Headsets ($30 and up)-like those worn by operators and football coaches-can replace handheld phones completely.
In 2010 a decision was made to join efforts and develop a 21st Century Leadership Academy (21CLA) with support from the Foundation for Technology and Engineering Education (FTEE) Gerrish Fund.
ITEEA's Foundation for Technology and Engineering Education (FTEE), Dugger/Gerrish endowment provided support for this study.
As her time on the ITEEA Board of Directors officially comes to an end, Joey Rider-Bertrand will continue to serve the Association through fundraising efforts in support of the Foundation for Technology and Engineering Educators (FTEE).