FTESFull Time Equivalent Students
FTESFull-Time Equivalent Semesters (academic requirements)
FTESFrio Tec Energy Systems (Bangkok, Thailand)
FTESFull Time Exempt Staff
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Greater Portsmouth--total economic impact: $58,041,659; FTEs: 1,825; household income: $38,408,000; state and local revenues: $6,768,000; spending by organizations: $21,456,627; spending by audiences: $36,585,032.
The Staffing Analysis Framework Tool comprised key factors that influence the number of RNs available per shift for staffing needs (projected/actual patient census, nursing care delivery model, budgeted FTEs) and staffing availability (filled positions/terminations, flex staffing programs, scheduled/unscheduled absences).
In the section on wellness programs, the analysts report that 42 percent of the participating employers, and 70 percent with 1,000 or more FTEs, have wellness programs.
But over the past five to eight years, CROs have scaled up their expertise, which has led to pharma firms re-strategizing R&D outsourcing in strategic ways with increased focus on full time equivalent (FTE) type engagement for cost savings.
But ED staff remain concerned the new FTEs will not be enough to ensure the department is always adequately staffed.
If Department X at University 2 is interested in improving (increasing) its graduate degrees/graduate FTEs ratio (an outcome improvement), it can compare its ratio with those of the nine other universities' departments.
In Western Europe, the company had 7, 551, and cut 1,414 FTEs, a 15.8% drop.
United Airlines showed the largest gain as FTEs dropped 27.5% from 160 to 116.
This report responds to a request by the Chairman, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, that we examine how the transfer of full-time equivalent (FTE) positions to DHS was conducted at the agencies involved in the transfer.
We attempted to estimate the potential FTEs who were not hired as a result of automation by using measures (c) and (d).