FTFEFundación Tripartita Para La Formación En El Empleo (Spanish: Tripartite Foundation for Employment Training)
FTFEForget the Fuel Economy
FTFEFinding Time for Evangelism
FTFEFinite Temperature Field Theory
FTFEFirst Time for Everything
FTFEFederation of the French Elite (gaming clan)
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Given that there is no official data about how many such trainers there are, the data provided by the Fundacion Tripartita para la Formacion y Empleo [Tripartite Foundation for Training and Employment] (FTFE 2006a) (1) was used to form an approximation of the universe that is the objective of this study.
To narrow the geographic focus for the carrying out of the surveys (the geographic area of Spain, which consists of seventeen Autonomous Communities), a hierarchical cluster was carried out which used the participants in the training activities of the Autonomous Communities and business sectors (FTFE, 2006a), the working population (EPA, 2005) and the number of participating companies and trainers in training activities of the Autonomous Communities and business sectors (FTFE, 2006).
As a profile is typical of countries like France, Spain and Germany (Evans at al., 1990; Germe, 1991; Ferrandez at al., 2000 FTFE, 2006b, Mamaqi y Miguel, 2008).
* Profile 2 Trainer-Expert, is similar to that of the Expert-Contracted and Trainer Expert (SPEE, 2009, FTFE, 2006b).
Proprietary materials of construction include FDA and USP Class VI compliant materials included within FTFE AVALON compounds.
Duralon[R] FTFE composite bearings are used in mechanical linkages that pivot, have linear motion, or travel at slow speeds, high loads, and full rotation.
One very important advantage of the film and molded parts made of the new generation of FTFE resins is high purity.