FTFIFile Transfer Flow Integrator
FTFIFailure to Follow Instructions
FTFIFournitures Techniques et Fournitures Industrielles (French industrial supply company)
FTFIFace-to-Face Interview
FTFIFair Trade Forum India
FTFIFailure-Triggering Fault Interaction
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In the FTFI method, respondents were questioned about their STI-associated symptoms and their answers were recorded on a paper questionnaire.
Using data collected during the pilot study, where the estimated time for approaching a person was 5.6 minutes and for completing the questionnaire ranged from 13.2 minutes for SAQ and 13.9 minutes for FTFI to 14.8 minutes for Audio-SAQ, we were able to calculate that we needed to recruit a respondent every 20 minutes during each 4-hour interval.
Women were less likely to report STI-associated symptoms in FTFI compared to SAQ (P = .036).
Among women who underwent FTFI on the street, the odds of self-reporting STI-associated symptoms was 70% less than that of SAQ respondents (P = .002).
Lastly, among women who were recruited via FTFI at hair salons, the odds of self-reported STI-associated symptoms at the time of study and in the past 6 months were 64% and 57% less than these amounts when they were interviewed at their household (P = .04 and P = .004).
Moreover, while women were more likely to report STI-associated symptoms using the SAQ method, findings among men revealed no difference between SAQ and FTFI.
(4,19) Our results are comparable to a study among Japanese women showing that the reported cases of sexual abuse by an intimate partner in SAQ were higher compared to FTFI. (20) However, findings of a similar study showed that in many cases, SAQ not only fails to improve the participants response rates, but may even cause bias.
For example, it seems that when women complete a SAQ in a hair salon or on the street, the self-reported rate is higher than when they are undertaking a FTFI in the same setting.
Nine Modes of Questionnaire Delivery Applied in the Study Setting Street House hold Men Women Men Women 18-30 >30 18-30 >30 18-30 >30 18-30 >30 SAQ 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 Audio-SAQ 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 FFI 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 Total 96 96 Setting Hair Salon Men Women Total 18-30 >30 18-30 >30 SAQ 8 8 8 8 96 Audio-SAQ 8 8 8 8 96 FFI 8 8 8 8 96 Total 96 288 Abbreviatons: SAQ, self-administered questonnaire; Audio-SAQ, audio self-adminestreated questonnaire; FTFI, face-to-face interview.