FTFTFor the First Time (movie)
FTFTFirst Timothy Four Twelve (est. 2007)
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Economic research on the production of new PhDs would benefit greatly if the NSF were to disaggregate its FTFT enrollment data by the degree that completers will receive.
This study utilized multilevel longitudinal modeling to explore the effectiveness of the intervention programs on FTFT students' retention and academic achievement measured by college cumulative GPA.
The FTFT of compounds D and F was better compared to compound B.
(NASDAQ: FTFT), a financial technology company and integrated producer of fruit-related products, has announced that it has adopted the QRO anti-counterfeiting code to all products under the company's Hedetang brand, the company said.
A good correlation of tear strength with the FTFT values of the different formulations was noticed (figures 2 and 3).
(NASDAQ: FTFT) has announced it has entered into a Securities Purchase Agreement with Utah limited partnership Iliad Research and Trading, L.P., the company said.
The results of tensile, hardness and swelling index in original, as well as after air aging and tear strength, compression set and FTFT properties are reported in table 6a.
(NASDAQ: FTFT), an integrated producer of fruit juice-related products, has announced it has launched GlobalKey SharedMall, a/k/a/Chain Cloud Mall (CCM) version 1.0, the company said.
(NASDAQ: FTFT) has announced that its integrated blockchain incubator/accelerator Chain World Cyberspace has launched a new business promotion and operation service for blockchain companies, the company said.
(NASDAQ : FTFT)has announced major updates regarding the Chain World Cyberspace of its wholly owned subsidiary Chain Future Digital FinTech (Beijing) Ltd., the company said.
(NASDAQ: FTFT) has announced the formation of Chain Future Digital FinTech (Beijing) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, the company said.
(NASDAQ: FTFT) has appointed Yiliang Li as an independent director to fill the vacancies created by the resignation of Guolin Wang, the company said.