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FTIRFourier Transform Infrared (spectroscopy)
FTIRFrustrated Total Internal Reflection
FTIRFourier Transfer Ir
FTIRFourier Transform Infrared Radiometer
FTIRFourier Transform Infrared Radiation
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The cross-sector-averaging technique was used in conjunction with open-path FTIR monitoring for the direct assessment of offsite contaminant exposure.
Detecting the change in the chemical composition through quantitative Fourier Transform Infra Red (FTIR) spectroscopy can monitor this chain scission.
FTIR was done for functional groups identification in the composites as well as in the SBF solution and in ball milled composite powders.
FTIR is fast, sensitive, has high signal-to-noise ratio, predicts multiple analytes in a mixture and provides qualitative information of component structural groups and quantitative determinations.
The sample compartment is large enough to accommodate any available accessory, according to Nicolet, and the company is currently working with all major FTIR accessory vendors to design Smart Accessories with the same capabilities as Nicolet's.
After the heat treatment, one-third of the specimens were used in the FTIR analysis, and the rest were used in the decay resistance tests.
MEMS FTIR spectroscopy is one of the important applications of translational actuator-driven systems by using MEMS technology.
Chemical images of pure drug, polymer, cross linker, their physical blends, and nanoparticles (with and without drug) were acquired by the FTIR spectroscopic imaging approach using ATR-FTIR spectrometer (Bruker tensor 27, Germany).
Bruker's ALPHA II compact FTIR spectrometer features fully automated test routines for validation regarding operational qualification (OQ) and performance validation (PQ), as well as innovations in temperature-stabilized detector and high-quality IR source technology.
The FTIR spectra of the samples were obtained at 4 [cm.sup.-1] resolution from 16 scans of KBr pellets containing 1 mass% of the samples.