FTLDFrance Telecom Long Distance (various locations)
FTLDFocal Temporal Lobe Dysfunction
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The collaboration is aimed at deciphering the governing principles of how pathological forms of TDP-43 spread from neuron to neuron, leading to a better understanding of the TDP-43 pathologies in order to support the Company's mission to develop novel therapeutic and diagnostic approaches against FTLD and other neurodegenerative diseases.
Three major FTLD clinical syndromes, described considering the predominant clinical manifestations, are the bvFTD, mainly featured by disturbances in social behavior and in executive functioning [64, 65]; the primary progressive aphasias (PPAs) (semantic variant (svPPA), nonfluent agrammatic variant (nfvPPA), and logopenic variant), a group of disorders mainly characterized by linguistic and behavioral alterations [66]); and the syndromes characterized by the cooccurrence of FTLD with neurological disorders mainly affecting cortical and subcortical brain areas, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) [67], progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), and the corticobasal syndrome (CBS) [63], which mainly affect motor functions, but also impact social behavior.
For the remainder of this article, the term "CARTS" is applied to this specific entity, and the term "HS" is used when the setting is less specific, for example, in the context of another degenerative disease process, such as FTLD or ischemic/hypoxic injury without TDP-43 inclusions.
Another paradigm shift of so-called aggregates also undergoes in the field of front-temporal lobar degeneration (FTLD).
In some ALS and FTLD cases, however, the pathological SGs are colocalized with amyloidogenic deposits because the SG marker proteins TIA-1 and TDP-43 can form both SGs and insoluble fibrillary aggregates under pathological conditions and because SGs may function as seeds for irreversible aggregation (reviewed in [77]).
Frontotemporal lobe degeneration (FTLD) refers to a neurodegenerative dementia syndrome, which could be clinically classified into behavioral and language variant.
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