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FTMSFederal Testing Method Standard
FTMSFischer, Tandeau de Marsac, Sur & Associes (French law firm)
FTMSFreeway Traffic Management System
FTMSFreight Transport Monitoring System
FTMSFourier Transform Mass Spectroscopy
FTMSFreight Transport Management System
FTMSFluid Transfer Management System
FTMSFlexible Test and Measurement System (electronic and electro-mechanical products testing)
FTMSField Ticket Management System
FTMSFuel Thermal Management System
FTMSFTS-2000 Translations Management System (Sprint)
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Abdul Latif Jameel Motors has eight branches in China: Chengdu FTMS, Chengdu GTMC and Leshan FTMS in Sichuan Province; Yinchuan FTMS in Ningxia Province; Wuhan FTMS and Wuhan Lexus in Hubei Province; and Qingdao FTMS and Laizhou FTMS in Shandong Province.
Analysis pointed out significant correlations between performance and schooling for the <70 groups on RVP Latency, RVP A', RVP PH, RTI 5CMT, PAL TEA, PAL MTS, PAL FTMS and SWM TE and for [greater than or equal to] 70 groups on RVP Latency, RVP A', RVP PH, RTI SMT, RTI 5CMT, PAL TEA, PAL MTS and PAL FTMS.
(36) For example, Jan Fields, a clinical practitioner in the Seattle area, states that hormones influence the body as well as the mind, and she has personally seen clients (FTMS) experience increase in sexual drive, physical attractiveness, and protective behaviors.
Firstly FTMS was chosen based on the quantity order by the customers as mentioned on the previous section.
Similarly, in a college sample of transgender persons, 37% of participants did not identify as Female-to-Male (FtM; i.e., trans man) or Male-to-Female (MtF; i.e., trans woman) (Dugan, Kusel, & Simounet, 2012).
[PROD.sub.nba] = (PTS + TREB + STL + BLK + AST)-(TO + FGMS + FTMS) (1) where PTS = points scored, TREB = total rebounds, STL = steals, BLK = blocked shots, AST = assists, TO = turnovers, FGMS = field goals missed, and FTMS = free throws missed.
Bruker's solariX XR fourier transform mass spectrometer (FTMS) with ParaCell is designed for extreme mass resolution greater than 10 million.
The characters Edwards depicts in Transposes are drawn from interviews he conducted with other FTMs, and their stories have been enhanced for comic interpretation.
In contrast to Rubin's sometimes essentialist subjects, other recent studies of trans-identified individuals have emphasized the fluid, protean, and contradictory self-awareness of FtMs. Based on interviews with about a dozen MtF transsexuals and about the same number of FtM's, English sociologist Sally Hines (2007) came up with a number of modes into which her subjects fell: some were migrating to the new identity, some oscillating between genders, some negating or denying boundaries, and others transcending conventional binary categories (Hines).
Recent improvements in intact protein LC separations and high performance FTMS instrumentation greatly expand the observable range of proteoforms.
(47.) Jean Bobby Noble, "Boys Do Cry: Epistemologies of a Pronoun," Torquere: Journal of the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Studies Association 3 (2001): 41; Jean Bobby Noble, Sons of the Movement: FtMs Risking Incoherence on a Post-Queer Cultural Landscape (Toronto: Women's Press, 2006); Madelyn Detloff, "Living in 'Energetic Space': Jeanette Winterson's Bodies and Pleasures," English Language Notes 45, no.
Instead it is more appropriate to think and talk in terms of transgendered identities such as female-to-males (FTMs), male-to-females (MTFs), drag queens, queens, butch lesbians and so on.