FTMWFourier Transform Microwave
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As the FTMW technique began to mature in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Suenram and Lovas looked to ways to extend the technique beyond simple hydrogen bonded species and van der Waals clusters.
These experiments were the first applications coupling laser vaporization to an FTMW instrument.
In this same timeframe, NIST also hosted a number of Krupnov's staff where Lovas and Suenram worked on many projects of mutual interest both in the conventional millimeter frequency region and the FTMW region.
25 with Rick Suenram, on the automation of the FTMW spectrometers at NIST.
Jens was also principal author on the FTMW study of [N.sub.2][O.sub.5] which exhibited large amplitude motions from the two N[O.sub.2] groups which undergo internal rotation tunneling via a geared rotation of the two units about their [C.sub.2] axes (152).
Jens also developed an automated software package for control of the FTMW type instruments but one of the main collaborations at NIST was working with Suenram on the development of a scaled down (smaller) version of the FTMW instrument that was totally transportable (133).