FTNONFood Technology Noord-Oost Nederland (Dutch: Food Technology North-East Netherlands)
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FTNON claims that the machine can decore up to 1.800 iceberg lettuce heads an hour, with a yield up to 96%.
FTNON describes the CoreTakr as a 'smart' machine, as it produces a vast amount of data.
Complementary to that, Andre van der Wei, Managing Director of the FTNON Group states "we analyse and share the collected data with our customers.
Contact FTNON on tel +31 546 574 222 or visit www.ftnon.com
In the case of conventional steamers there can be a steam loss of up to 40%, but with FTNON's new steamer there is scarcely any loss thanks to its special DCC[R] design.
When it comes to the production of fresh fruit salads, of course, FTNON also supplies other processing machines, such as coating systems for various products and systems for the processing of citrus fruits.
Hall 2 Stand D 109 Contact FTNON on +31 546 574 222 or visit www.ftnon.com
For this purpose FTNON makes use of a new steam system known as the Dynamic Cloud Control or DCC system, by means of which the quality of the product is enhanced and at the same time the cost per product is reduced, due to significantly lower consumption of energy versus conventional systems.
FTNON has now also put various FTNON--STIR[R] drying installations on the market, and leading salad producers are very satisfied with the excellent results which can be achieved with this new development.
Next to centrifuging and STIR[R] drying, FTNON has a unique suction drying technology too.