FTPDFtp Daemon
FTPDFile Transfer Protocol Daemon
FTPDFlorence Township Police Department (New Jersey)
FTPDFoundation Training Programme Director (National Health Service; UK)
FTPDFairy Tale Police Department (TV show)
FTPDFoster Township Police Department (Bradford, PA)
FTPDFulfilling the Promise Database (employment resource; Canada)
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--Network services (such as, tfpd, ftpd, syslogd) for communication with host OS.
Planed plant (S4C digidol) 9 am -- FTPD Anturiaethau wedi eu hanimeiddio am ddau dditectif sy'n arbenigo mewn datrys dirge lion sy'n gysylltiedig a straeon y tylwyth teg.
Included on the CD-ROM version is WebSTAR server software; FTPd for file transfers; HTML Editor 1.0 and BBEdit, two HTML editors for the Mac; MacWeb, a Mac Web browser; AppleScript and Userland's Frontier program, for creating CGIs between WebSTAR and external applications, plus demo AppleScripts; a free evaluation copy of StarNine's ListSTAR program, for integrating Internet mail and creating Listserver mailing lists and autoresponse mail services; Adobe Acrobat Reader and samples; WebMaster Macintosh, a "definitive reference" for Mac Web site developers; and more.