FTPFFrancs Tireurs et Partisans Français (French political movement)
FTPFFruit Tree Planting Foundation (San Diego, CA)
FTPFFailure to Pay Fine
FTPFFujian Technology and Projects Fair (China)
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In one of their more notable operations on the 14th, the Communist guerrilla organization, the Franc-tireurs et partisans francais (FTPF), blew up the electric generators at several factories that produced war goods for Germany (Sentis, 1989-90: 1635).
(57) Charland a eu acces aux archives de la FTPF (Federation des travailleurs du papier et de la foret), de certains locaux syndicaux, catholiques ou <<internationaux>> et il a remarque que celles-ci parlaient peu de strategies de resistance aux changements techniques ou de gestion.
The Maquis was effectively divided into two segments: the Communist-controlled portion (after Hitler shattered the Nazi-Soviet Pact in June, 1941), called the FTPF, and the rightist FFI, under the loose direction of General de Gaulle in London.