FTQFirst Time Quality
FTQFailed to Qualify (competition)
FTQFédération des Travailleurs du Québec (Quebec Workers Federation)
FTQFlight to Quality (finance)
FTQFor the Quail (band)
FTQFagerström Tolerance Questionnaire (nicotine dependency study)
FTQFuerza de Tarea Quetzal (Spanish: Quetzal Task Force; Guatemala)
FTQFetch Target Queue
FTQFond de Solidarité de la Fédération des Travailleurs du Québec
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The FTQ'S renewed support for the sovereignist option forced the CLC to con-" front the issue of constitutional reform.
Buyer: Fonds de solidarite FTQ, Capital regional et cooperative Desjardins, and Fondaction CSN
But even if we just consider the current situation, it would be rather paradoxical to see the FTQ campaign for the NDP in Quebec while it urges the unions in the rest of Canada to vote mainly for the Liberals.
It is worth mentioning that a study done during the elections by the FTQ's Montreal regional council compared FTQ positions on five key issues with the platforms of the five major parties.
Every effort is being made to weaken the union movement and restrict it to its minimum functions." For Daniel Boyer, the new president of the FTQ, the issue of pensions and the organization of the general assembly are the top priorities.
Although the large labour bureaucracies (CLC, AFL-CIO, FTQ) tend toward conservatism, there are examples in both Seattle and Quebec City of unions that pursued a more radical course.
and composed of Fiera Axium Infrastructure Canada II L.P., Desjardins Group, via its insurance subsidiaries and its Pension Plan, Manulife, Fonds de solidarite FTQ and Industrial Alliance acquired a 100% ownership interest in Montreal Gateway Terminals.
The feeling in Quebec is that such a unified counterattack is essential given the scale and severity of the Harper government's attacks both on social programs (Employment Insurance) and public services (Canada Post) as well as on the right to strike in sectors under federal jurisdiction, in fact, Quebec social movements, from the trade union confederations (FTQ, CSN, CSQ) to the women's organization (Federation des femmes du Quebec), housing (FRAPRU) and student (ASSE), have been spearheading plans for the Forum for more than two years.
Under the terms, the Permira-backed entities will pay CAD24.00 (USD21.65/EUR15.84) for every Atrium share, except for those held by Fonds de solidarite FTQ and Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec (CDPQ).
Leroux, Eric, Gustave Francq, figure marquante du syndicalisme et precurseur de la FTQ, Montreal, VLB, 2001.
The takeover offer excludes the shares owned by Fonds de solidarite FTQ and Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec (CDPQ), which hold stakes of 12.5% each in the dietary supplement maker.