FTRAFreight Train Riders of America (aka Freight Train Riders Association)
FTRAFinancial Transaction Reports Act
FTRAFredericton Therapeutic Riding Association (Canada)
FTRAFreight Train Riders Association (aka Freight Train Riders of America)
FTRAFast Toys Ram Air (automotive)
FTRAFormer Texas Rangers Association (San Antonio, Texas)
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Reporting was established by the FTRA. The 2004 ATA provides for the reporting of suspicious transactions related to terrorist financing.
The picture, which shows one of the gang holding a tin of beer with a pal, is scrawled with anti-republican graffiti including "FTRA" or f**k the IRA.
But amidst other graffiti wriggled a pair of SS lightning-bolts beside the ominous letters FTRA, which referred to an organization described by Spokane police detective Bob Grandinetti as a very dangerous group of people.
This was under terms of Section 15 of the Financial Transactions Reporting Act (FTRA) and the Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Financing Act No.
frM-rE > 0, fRAP/ASSET > 0, fTRA < 0, fENERGY PR > 0, fY > 0, fFDICIA > 0 (2)
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