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Total funds under management dropped 22.7% to pounds 10.01bn, but that compares with a 32.2% fall on the FTSE All-Share index and the group has maintained its total dividend of 25.5p in the belief that it is "well placed to weather the current difficult market conditions." The group, which is the second largest manager of charitable portfolios in the UK, said when the recovery happens it will be able to exploit opportunities.
Before anyone questions his sanity, Mr Bolton apparently delivered average annual returns of around 20% during his time as manager of Fidelity's Special Situations fund, compared with 7.7% from the FTSE All-Share index.
Pirc's review of 444 companies on the FTSE All-Share Index found that some were merely paying lip-service to the code, while others were not giving convincing reasons for failing to comply with its provisions.
Someone who invested pounds 1,000 in the FTSE All-Share Index in 1988 would now have pounds 4,277.
That meant Scotland outperformed the London Stock Market, where the FTSE All-Share Index rose by just 1.2 per cent in the same three months.
If you had put pounds 10,000 in Scottish Widows Environmental Investors fund five years ago it would now be worth pounds 23, 904 - almost pounds 7000 more than the pounds 17,282 the FTSE all-share index accrued.
In comparison, the trust's benchmark, the FTSE All-Share Index, returned negative 1.4%.
By comparison, the FTSE AIM All-share index increased by 14% and the FTSE All-share index by just 3%.
The FTSE All-Share Index has racked up a mere 13 per cent capital return over the period, although the total return including dividends is a slightly more respectable 41 per cent, which is a timely reminder of their importance.
The EURO STOXX 50 price ended 0.07 per cent higher at 3,490.53, while FTSE all-share index ended 0.38 per cent higher at 3,724.45.
The FTSE All-Share Index, which represents 98% to99% of UK listed companies, has risen by almost 24% since October 2011.
Beginning 1981 at a shade under 300, the FTSE All-Share Index barely paused for breath - apart from the great crash in 1987 - and by 2000, it was worth 10 times as much.