FTSE100Financial Times / Stock Exchange index of 100 main share (UK)
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Thus, far from a fear-driven collapse in share prices, the FTSE100 index has climbed 14 per cent since the start of the year and is up almost 35 per cent on its pre-2016 referendum vote low.
In the year to date, the FTSE100 has jumped by over 8% - this figure does not include dividends, so in terms of real return the figure is higher - and there have been a number of star performers.
It's worth saying that the FTSE100 companies are not exactly the best way to judge the business community.
"Qualification for the FTSE100 Index, consolidation of previous organic and inorganic expansions, extension of our geographic footprint and strengthening and deepening of the management structure all marked a very active year for NMC.
The FTSE100 was down 0.3% overall last week, despite Friday's 1% gain on the back of the weaker pound following the poor election result for the Conservatives.
Remuneration reports produced by FTSE100 companies now regularly run to more than 25 pages.
Recent data shows that in May, 2014,, 21.6% of FTSE100 directors were female, up from 12.5% in 2011.
Research by recruitment firm Robert Half found that the average chief executive in the FTSE100 is a 54-yearold man, unchanged over the past two years, while 19 are Oxbridge graduates.
The promotion of the company to the FTSE100 index in 2012, after 22 years on the stock market, highlighted the continued progress, which was a factor in securing the flagship award.
However, both the FTSE100 and Dow Jones are close to potential reversal levels.
The FTSE100 company, which is in the final stages of negotiations with Games organisers Locog, is allegedly facing a total loss of up to PS100 million.