FTSHFédération Tunisienne des Sports pour Handicapés (French: Tunisian Federation of Sports for the Disabled; Tunisia)
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LpxK has been proposed to be the second regulatory point of the Raetz pathway: LpxK may be stimulated by unsaturated fatty acids, and its lipid A disaccharide substrate may stimulate the proteolysis of LpxC by FtsH, which requires the critical scaffold/ chaperone protein LapB [33, 34].
Interestingly, WaaA is another point of regulation in the Raetz pathway as WaaA was also degraded by the FtsH protease that targets LpxC [77].
Tatsuta et al., "Balanced biosynthesis of major membrane components through regulated degradation of the committed enzyme of lipid A biosynthesis by the AAA protease FtsH (HflB) in Escherichia coli," Molecular Microbiology, vol.
Youth, Sports and Physical Education Minister Samir Laabidi kicked off the opening ceremony of this third championship, which was attended by the chairman of the Tunisian Disabled Sport Federation (FTSH), chairman of the National Centre for Promotion of Organ Transplants, chairman of the Tunisian Association for Awareness of Organ Donation and chairman of the Tunisian Nephrology Association.
Values were intermediate for cystoscopy plus cytology ($10,267), cystoscopy plus NMP ($11,143), and cystoscopy plus NMP with FTSH confirmation in the event of a positive NMP result ($9,557).
Thus far, ftsZ (which is involved in cell division and may interact with the plastid-encoded ftsH) and a subunit of clpC are probable candidates for plastid-targeted proteins.
TUNIS, June 23, 2010 (TAP) - Over 400 athletes (337 men and 80 ladies) from 28 countries will take part in the 4th International Athletics Meeting organised by the Tunisian Federation for Disability Sports (FTSH) on June 28-30 in Rades.
FTSH Chairman Ali Harzallah said, at a news conference held on Wednesday in Tunis, that this tournament is qualifying for the World Championship to be held in New Zealand in 2011 which in turn is qualifying for the 2012 London Paralympics.