FTSLFront Turn Signal Lamp (vehicle lighting)
FTSLFranz Theodore Stone Laboratory (Ohio State University; Columbus, OH)
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In addition, we compared the extent to which FTSL and mature learners reported differences in learning of Anatomy.
The explanations that students offered to support their perceptions were analyzed to explore how mature (M) and first time school leavers (FTSL) valued their learning.
Both mature (67.7%) and FTSL (60.5%) on the MBChB2 cohort reported overall positive experiences.
"Because when you are dissecting you are able to see exactly what you have been reading about by seeing in a real person which makes it easy to learn it and retain it." (Visual, knowledge, retention) (FTSL 55) (Conception CD)
"It is more educative to see the real thing and sometimes we get to see how structures perform their functions instead of just imagining it from textbooks." (Visual, understanding) (FTSL 73) (Conception F).
These students were thus able to start and finish dissection tasks more efficiently than their FTSL counterparts.