FTSSField Technical Sales Support
FTSSFiches Techniques Santé Sécurité (French: Material Safety Data Sheets; Canada)
FTSSFirst Technology Safety Systems (Plymouth,MI)
FTSSFielded Training Systems Support
FTSSFédération de Tunis de Solidarité Sociale (French: Tunisian Federation of Social Solidarity; Tunisia)
FTSSFull-Time Student Status (education)
FTSSField Technical Sales Support (IBM)
FTSSFaciothoracoskeletal Syndrome
FTSSFlight Test Simulation Station
FTSSForteresse Tout Service Simple (French gaming forum)
FTSSFuel Tank Self-Sealing System
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They include representatives of the professional and scientific community, development institutes, all-Russian industry associations, as well as the organizations under the Ministry of Construction, including the FAU FTSS.
(1) The surface quality of the optical components in the interferometer (mirrors and beamsplitter): at a given wavelength, ME is lowered by a decreased surface quality; it is therefore more and more difficult to obtain a good ME as we move from the infrared to the ultraviolet (most FTSs available today indeed work at infrared and sub-mm wavelengths); the number of reflections within the interferometer plays a major role in the global ME.
The team qualified five FTSS dummies in the first year of using the new workflow--taking about the same number of man-hours needed to finish only one dummy qualification project before.
Current devices have limitations and both the UK's Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and FTSS have been working on making them more realistic to produce more dependable results.
The Commission fears that the buy-out, which would bring together the world's two largest players, First Technology Safety Systems (FTSS) and Denton, would create a quasi-monopoly'.
In addition, a new Fuel Tank Sealant System (FTSS) is being considered for incorporation into the system.
According to Jim Flachsmann, manager, iCrash Technology, First Technology Safety Systems (FTSS; Plymouth, MI; www.icrashtech.com), "a standard system requires about 17 lb.
In Plymouth, you'll find First Technology Safety Systems (FTSS), the world leader in the manufacturing of crash test dummies.
"It's a labor-intensive, low volume business," says Tom Gutwald, president of the leading dummy manufacturer, First Technology Safety Systems (FTSS) in Plymouth, Mich.
Using a scale designed to measure posttraumatic stress symptoms (FTSS) after a traumatic event, the researches found that the children scored between.
The 84th Service Squadron was redesignated the 332d Service Squadron and assisted the new 554th and 555th FTSs with maintenance tasks including furnishing tools and equipment.
At the WG1 meeting, issues were agreed on the draft standard of small and medium cities for discussion on April 15-16 at the XI International Forum ATOMEXPO-2019 in Sochi with the participation of experts from the FAU FTsS, Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions, who will formulate your requests to this standard.