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FTTFlush the Toilet
FTTFree to Talk
FTTFirst-Tier Tribunal (UK taxes)
FTTFree Trade Treaty
FTTFinancial Transactions Tax (various locations)
FTTFull Talk Time (telecommunications)
FTTFaerie Tale Theatre (TV)
FTTFailure To Thrive
FTTFloating Point Trap Type
FTTFedora Technical Team
FTTFree to Try
FTTFédération Tunisienne de Tennis (French: Tunisian Tennis Federation; Tunisia)
FTTFitness to Teach (various organizations)
FTTFauteuil Tout Terrain (French: All Terrain Wheelchair)
FTTFair Trade Towns
FTTFizika Tverdogo Tela (Russian: Solid State Physics; journal)
FTTFood and Textile Technology (course; various locations)
FTTFacilité Temporaire de Trésorerie (French: Easy Temporary Cash)
FTTFédération Tahitienne de Tennis (French: Tahitian Federation of Tennis; Tahiti)
FTTFree Territory of Trieste (European state)
FTTForeign Travel Tax (India)
FTTFast Track Technologies
FTTFailure to Train
FTTFirst Time Through
FTTFull-Time Temporary
FTTFischer-Tropsch Type (catalytic process)
FTTFire This Time (Canadian newspaper)
FTTField Tactical Trainer
FTTForward Travel Time (US Air Force)
FTTFlorida Turbine Technologies, Inc. (Jupiter, FL)
FTTFever Therapy Tehnician (US Navy)
FTTFrance Transfert Technologies (France)
FTTFriday the Thirteenth (movie)
FTTForum Toulouse Technologies (French: Toulouse Technologies Forum; Toulouse, France)
FTTField Training Team
FTTFox Tales Times (fetish website)
FTTField Test Telescope (DELTA)
FTTFile Transfer Time
FTTFactory Trained Technician
FTTFunctional Threat Test
FTTFuel Temperature Test
FTTFahrenheit Total Temperature (steam ejector/condenser design)
FTTFinite-Termination Theorem
FTTFrank's Toothache Tincture
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Bulgaria will not implement a financial transactions tax (FTT), according to Deputy-FinMin Vladislav Goranov and ruling center-right GERB party MP Menda Stoyanova.
First, what is the aim of an FTT? If the main purpose of a tax is to collect revenue, then the activity to be taxed must be buoyant.
Recognizing that Kratos and FTT share the same passion for developing and delivering innovative and cost-saving solutions to customers, this acquisition is expected to accelerate FTT's small engine development programs, and facilitate integration of these leading-edge engine solutions with evolving Kratos tactical systems.
The 1,178-mile solution consists of 440 miles of previously planned FTT build, 443 miles of existing network and 295 miles of new construction.
Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have endorsed an FTT, but Sanders' proposal covers a broader array of transactions.
The need for a financial transaction tax (FTT) has been attracting more attention because of the financial crisis in 2008, although ideas about introducing a new tax on financial sector have been debated at various times over the last thirty years.
has expanded its fiber-to-the- tower (FTT) footprint in Atlanta to serve an anchor wireless service provider.
On the Financial Transaction Tax, Dombrovskis said 10 EU Member States have just agreed in principle on the key parameters of FTT. "The Commission will do everything necessary to ensure that the FTT respects European and international law, including the rights of non-participating Member States, and is consistent with other initiatives launched by the Commission, such as the Capital Markets Union," he said.
The Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) is designed to take 0.1 per cent by bond and share and 0.01 per cent by derivatives from participating countries-which Douste-Blazy would like to be all of them.
And while leveraging an FTT may eventually be an attractive concept for governments, it's likely they'd rather channel those funds towards their own country's interests rather than a global poverty fund--after all, it's an efficient and effective model for raising funds.
(NYSE: FII) Federated Enhanced Treasury Income Fund (NYSE: FTT) said it has approved the conversion of FTT from a closed-end fund to an open-end mutual fund through a tax-free reorganization of FTT into a newly created open-end mutual fund.