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FTTAFiber to the Antenna
FTTAFederal Technology Transfer Act of 1986
FTTAFertile Thoughts To All (pregnancy)
FTTAFixed Term Training Appointment (education)
FTTAFull-Time Training in Anaheim (Christian organization; est. 1989; Anaheim, CA)
FTTAFT Techno of America (Fowlerville, MI)
FTTAFiber Through the Air (BluWan technology)
FTTAFiber to the Amplifier
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I always recommend that the customer select solutions that use industry-standard products," says Brian DiMarco, President of Fibersource, which manufactured the FTTA Combination cabinet for the Fiber+Power-to-the-Antenna system.
CommScope's FTTA Turnkey Solution is aimed at "relieving
FTTA is expecting Koreans, Thais, Lebanese and other nationalities to join their tournaments in the coming months.
New rack systems and solutions will also be featured, including Fiber Management boxes and other critical components for the FTTA system.
The event is open to all nationalities and expatriate workers who have the passion to play table tennis," said FTTA president Jay Ballesca.
The new product offers the ultimate plug-and-play solution for FTTA deployments by combining fiber optic and power leads within the same robust, outdoor-rated enclosure to enable a faster, more reliable deployment.
Fiber penetration is increasing in the broadband and access space with significant roll-outs in mobility through FTTA, fiber-to-the-tower (FTTT), distributed antenna systems (DAS), and cloud or centralized-radio access networks (CRAN).
Anritsu Company introduces Fiber Visualizer for its MT9090A Network Master platform, creating a field test solution that simplifies conducting highly accurate measurements of fiber cables, connections, and splices when installing or maintaining high-speed, FTTH, CATV, Access, Mobile Backhaul, FTTA, DAS and Metro networks.