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FTTAFiber to the Antenna
FTTAFederal Technology Transfer Act of 1986
FTTAFertile Thoughts To All (pregnancy)
FTTAFixed Term Training Appointment (education)
FTTAFull-Time Training in Anaheim (Christian organization; est. 1989; Anaheim, CA)
FTTAFT Techno of America (Fowlerville, MI)
FTTAFiber Through the Air (BluWan technology)
FTTAFiber to the Amplifier
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The boys from FTTA were in a league of their own with all four finalists from the academy featuring in the under-16 and under-18 finals.
The company applied for a 25-year (renewable for another 25 years) FTTA at the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) on April 5.
"I always recommend that the customer select solutions that use industry-standard products," says Brian DiMarco, President of Fibersource, which manufactured the FTTA Combination cabinet for the Fiber+Power-to-the-Antenna system.
The FTTA Turnkey Solution forms part of the Andrew portfolio
But advanced technologies such as FTTA and a creative approach to best serving service and network providers and the people who use their services, are real benefits that can change lives.
He said the FTTA has a long and glorious history in table tennis and many of its players has been crowned World Champions in recent past.
United Nations (2007), ADUANET (2006), FTTA (2007), European Commission (2007).
The House passed an FttA reform bill (HR 1852) Sept.
FTTA antenna or amplifier FTTB building FTTC curb or cabinet FTTD desk FTTE exchange or telecom enclosure FTTF feeder or floor FTTH home FTTK kerb (outside of USA) FTTL loop FTTM MTU/MDU (Multi-Tenant/Dwelling Unit) FTTN node or neighborhood FTTO office FTTP premises FTTR radio FTTS subscriber FTTT terminal or town FTTU user FTTV village FTTW workplace or WLAN HotSpots FTTZ zone FOR MORE INFORMATION
Los CRADAs (Cooperative Research and Development Agreements) en los Estados Unidos son contratos formales entre los laboratorios del gobierno y las empresas privadas que permiten compartir costos y obtener licenciamiento exclusivos de las patentes que logren los organismos oficiales (FTTA, 1986).
The CRADA effort is being conducted under the authority of the Federal Technology Transfer Act (FTTA).
The Federal Technology Transfer Act (FTTA) provides for making federal laboratories' developments accessible to private industry and to state and local governments and for the improvement of economic, environmental, and social well-being of the U.S.