FTTCABFiber to the Cabinet
FTTCABFibre To The Cabinet
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For the FTTCab case, it also includes the cost of the cabinet.
Comparing the per line capital expenditure of the current solution (FTTE) with the other architectures, the FTTCab architecture costs 7-8 times more than the FTTE, the FTTB 12-13 times and FTTH about 20 times more than the FTTE.
The majority of incumbents are choosing FTTCab; the alternative operators' choice is FTTH in densely populated areas, thus completely bypassing the incumbent network.
There are three reasons for incumbents to roll out FTTCab:
About 65% of the lines will be covered by the new network with broadband downloading capacity up to 100Mbit/s, provided by a mix of technologies, including FTTCab and FTTB solutions (especially in main cities).