FTTDFiber To The Desk
FTTDFull-Time Training Duty
FTTDFiber to the Dormitory (computer network program; Delft University of Technology; Delft, Netherlands)
FTTDFleet Tailored Technical Data (US Navy)
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Huawei has invested many years of technical research and engineering verification into its latest FTTD innovation, it said.
The FTTD solution also uses new methods such as reverse power supply, free grounding, and free configuration to support the plug-and-play feature and remove the need to perform configurations on site.
These are fiber-to-the-telecom enclosure (FTTE) and centralized cabling (or FTTD).
FOLS offers a premises cost model that compares the cost of a traditional hierarchical star architecture (UTP horizontal with fiber riser backbone) to the other standards-compliant architectures: centralized cabling (FTTD), fiber-to-the-telecom enclosure (FTTE) low density, and FTTE high density.
Fiber to the desk (FTTD) is finding increased acceptance because of several factors, the most important of which is reduced initial installed cost, resulting from reduction or elimination of three sets of costs.
By allowing companies more flexibility in Gigabit Ethernet systems, such fiber solutions are paving the way for 10G+ Ethernet and fiber-to-the-desktop (FTTD) solutions.