FTTKFibre To The Kerb (see also FTTC)
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"Quanta clients include telecom carriers, governmental entities, cable companies and private system owners, and Quanta is committed to helping customers meet their aggressive FTTK goals and deadlines and also build extensions of existing plants to feed new developments, as well as replacing old plant as needed.
FTTA antenna or amplifier FTTB building FTTC curb or cabinet FTTD desk FTTE exchange or telecom enclosure FTTF feeder or floor FTTH home FTTK kerb (outside of USA) FTTL loop FTTM MTU/MDU (Multi-Tenant/Dwelling Unit) FTTN node or neighborhood FTTO office FTTP premises FTTR radio FTTS subscriber FTTT terminal or town FTTU user FTTV village FTTW workplace or WLAN HotSpots FTTZ zone FOR MORE INFORMATION