FTTSFly to the Sky (band)
FTTSFibre to the Street (telecommunications; Switzerland)
FTTSFuture Tactical Truck System
FTTSFIFRA/TSCA Tracking System (EPA)
FTTSFinnish Teacher Training Schools (Finland)
FTTSFiber-to-the-Subscriber (broadband fiber optics)
FTTSFaculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences (University of Zagreb; Zagreb, Croatia)
FTTSFuture Train Traffic Control
FTTSFactor-To-Target Sequence
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Ismail Kullap, FTTS school director, said 3,420 meat packs were distributed to poor residents of Zamboanga, among them fire victims in the villages of Labuan, Kasanyangan and Sta.
Both bench tests and FTTs have the advantage of being relatively inexpensive and take minimal time to run, however one must be careful not to over-interpret the applicability of results.
The faster and more ubiquitous that FTTS and other fibre technologies become, the greater the incentive for cable networks to upgrade their networks, and vice-versa.
This paper is structured as follows: Section 1 briefly summarizes the main facts about FTTs and its relationship with transaction costs and financial sector stability while introducing the agent-based methods for modeling and simulation.
In a world of mobile capital, won't traders just find offshore exchanges by which to avoid the FTT? Surely some will, which is why it would be good to "hold hands and jump together" on this tax by enacting it in concert with other advanced economies.
Lloyd George therefore proposed such intermediaries pay a micro-tax of 0.01 per cent on each purchase--exactly the percentage, incidentally, that leading European countries initially suggested for their forthcoming FTT. Conservative MPs then, as now, suggested that London's financial sector would relocate at the drop of such a levy.
(80) A financial transactions tax (FTT) focused on financial transactions such as commodity and securities trades can also serve a comparable function, although a bank leverage tax on wholesale liabilities may be seen as more effectively targeted on leverage as a source of instability.
"The fact is that some EU countries already have FTTs that are extra-territorial in nature - just look at the UK's own Stamp Duty on shares.
The Commission also finds that the 11 member states that have decided to launch enhanced cooperation represent a critical mass that "will diminish risks and negative effects" that may arise with purely national FTTs. "The 11 comprise two-thirds of the European economy, which is too big a market to ignore."
He participated in the design of several military and civilian concept hybrid vehicles, including FTTS, FMTV, Eaton parallel electric hybrid, and Super-HUMMWV.
The team has worked incredibly hard to forge relationships with these studios to bring the widest variety of entertainment to flydubai, ensuring our customers have unparalleled choice and viewing quality."As the launch customer for the 'Fiber-To-The-Screen' ('FTTS') system by Lumexis, flydubai became the first airline in the world to show HD movies simultaneously to every seat back.
B and C have a 6.8-litre diesel (Lockheed Martin had proposed a hybrid propulsion solution on its Future Tactical Truck System (FTTS) prototype, but this technology was not deemed mature for deployment as weight and 'sustainment' penalties override the small advantages gained in fuel consumption).