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FTUForeign Trade University (Hanoi, Vietnam)
FTUFlight Training Unit
FTUFormal Training Unit
FTUFlying Training Unit (USAF)
FTUFederation of Trade Unions (Hong Kong)
FTUMarillac (Madagascar airport code)
FTUFishing Tackle Unlimited (Texas)
FTUFlorida Technological University (now University of Central Florida)
FTUFlorida Times-Union (newspaper)
FTUForskning og Teknologisk Udvikling (Danish: research and technological development, aka: RTD)
FTUFitness Training Unit
FTUFiber Termination Unit (fiber optics)
FTUFlight Test Unit
FTUFonds de Travaux Urbains (French: Urban Works Fund)
FTUFile Transfer Utility
FTUFull Time Unit
FTUFleet Training Unit (US Navy)
FTUTensile Ultimate Stress (metals)
FTUFemale-to-Unknown (gender)
FTUFijnmechanische Techniek Utrecht (Dutch mechanical engineering company)
FTUFirst Time User
FTUFormazin Turbidity Unit
FTUFinger Tip Unit (medication application)
FTUFault-Tolerant Unit
FTUField Technical Unit
FTUFixed Treatment Unit
FTUFrederick Taylor University (est. 1994)
FTUField Torpedo Unit (US Navy)
FTUFrench Tactical Unit (gaming clan)
FTUFree Time Unlimited (Amazon)
FTUFirst Training Unit
FTUFreight Terminal Unit
FTUFerry Transport Unit
FTUFan Terminal Unit
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During the testing, FBI FTU agent John Hall used his personal Colt Delta Elite, chambered in the then-new 10mm cartridge.
Approximately 150 FTU members will congregate from 8:30am to pray for Vichea.
In conclusion, in the current study quails fed Ca-P-deficient diet supplemented with 5 [micro]g [kg.sup.-1] of 1[alpha]-OH[D.sub.3] in combination of 500 FTU [kg.sup.-1] of phytase were able to achieve the same tibia ash and Ca compared with quails fed Ca-P-adequate when dietary nonphytate phosphorus and Ca levels were 0.15% and 0.6%, respectively, whereas addition of 1[alpha]-OH-[D.sub.3] alone or in combination with phytase could not maximize growth performance of quails.
"We are the only FTU in the only special operations wing in the Reserve and we provide the preponderance of AFSOC' with its aviators," said Kimbrell.
The FTU partnered with the Beale Aero Club to ensure pilots receive more experience in the local airspace by taking to the cockpit and flying aircraft closer to those flown early in the previous century: Cessna 172s.
Technology units are spread on a continuum between FTU on one end and ITU on the other.
The FTU, however, becomes impractical to use when the prescribed medication does not come in a tube.
It is important that article 21 and article 24 will regulate the right to free association and collective bargaining, explain from FTU.
In their report, to guide dermatologists to prescribe a precise dosage of topical GC, the authors firstly proposed fingertip unit (FTU) [12].
(7) Levels obtained according to the report Enzyme Services and Consultancy--AB Vista; (8) Level of phytase (FTU [kg.sup.-1] of feed) according to the CBO Essay certificate--Lab analysis; (9) The expected levels do not normally coincide with the supplemented levels because of the natural phytase present in the raw material, but it is assumed that natural phytase is not active in the gastrointestinal tract (GUENTER, 1997).
By recycling, recertification and restor of out-of-warranty HDD & SSD, we, not only reduce the e-waste, but also provide a low cost HDD solutionfor first-time-user (FTU) PC market and help in increasing the profitability customer support organizations"
Fin-65 101 Vaasa Finland), such that 1 mL liquid phytase solution (2 g powder phytse/1 L water) had 20 FTU in it (Robinson et al., 2002).