FTUIFree Trade Union Institute (est. 1977; now American Center for International Labor Solidarity)
FTUIFakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia
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They would call it very important meetings." In 1990, the AFL-CIO's FTUI reported excursions to Romania every few months.
In the mid 1980s, for example, the AFL-CIO's FTUI approved a grant of $1,500,000 to defend democracy in France, which was astonishing for several reasons.
The AFL-CIO's FTUI Romanian representatives selected FRATIA, a trade union confederation, as their player in the Romanian democratic process.
The Free Trade Union Institute (FTUI), run by the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFLCIO) and the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD), received $3 million from the NED in 1984-1990 for its work with anti-Sandinista trade unions.