FTUSFull-Time Unit Support
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Over time, they expand in scale and scope, evolving into FTUs and ITUs and creating competence in one or more technological areas.
We term this as a focused technology unit (FTU) and define it as 'an R&D unit with advanced capability in a focused technology area, which is leveraged across multiple products and business lines in the firm'.
FTUS can help determine the source of any first-trimester vaginal bleeding, differentiating between threatened abortion, early fetal demise, and ectopic pregnancy.
It also can help confirm the pregnancy location, revealing whether it is a definitive intrauterine or definitive ectopic gestation, although FTUS can also be inconclusive in this application.
As the RDEC Report shows, in the mid-1970s Taiwan's professors of civil law became interested in issues like unconscionability in consumer protection law, and they may have veered from there into proposing the FTUs enactment with a bent for fairness.
The two USAF FTUs, both of them necessary to handle the joint and combined training load, owe their continued existence to the investment made by the United States in training foreign OA-X crews.
The network consisted of 3 pools of units corresponding to feature units (FTUs; 10 pools of four units), face recognition units (FRUs; three units), and person identity nodes (PINs; three units).
The wall mount FTUs are heavy-duty cabinet enclosures fabricated in 14- or 16-gauge rolled steel.
As in the Navy, the Air Force students will then move to FTUs for training specific to their aircraft.
Of these many available training structures, the following have been or could be utilized in the F-1 5K program: mobile training teams (MTT), extended training service specialists (ETSS), USAF F-15E FTUs, and personnel exchange tours between operational squadrons.
Another example of the challenges and differences between communities involves standardization in instructing, specifically at the FTU (Formal Training Unit) level.