FTVSFirearms Training Video System
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UAE customers can opt for a second home finance but with a reduced finance-to-value (FTV) of 65 per cent for UAE nationals and 60 per cent for expatriates.
The top ten states in terms of number of FTVs ( in millions) during 2015 were Tamil Nadu ( 4.68 million), Maharashtra ( 4.41 million), Uttar Pradesh ( 3.1 million), Delhi ( 2.38 million), West Bengal ( 1.49 million), Rajasthan ( 1.48 million), Kerala ( 0.98 million), Bihar ( 0.92 million), Karnataka ( 0.64 million) and Goa ( 0.54 million).
But after the success of "The Shield," the shingle's focus shifted to developing projects directly through the FTVS banner.
FTVS and Verschoor, who directed and produced the first four seasons of "The Real World," remain tight-lipped about the project.
Regency Enterprises and FTVS operate Regency Television as equal partners.