FTWGFlorida Tropical Weavers Guild (Odessa, FL)
FTWGFair Trade Wage Guide (World of Good Development Organisation)
FTWGFinanceNet Technical Working Group
FTWGFisheries Technical Working Group (various nations)
FTWGFishing Tournament Working Group (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
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The fuzzy triangular weighted geometric operator, denoted by FTWG, is the mapping FTWG: [??][([0, 1]).sup.n] [right arrow] [??]([0, 1]), such that
As we can see, when [??] = x, the fuzzy triangular weighted geometric (FTWG) operator is nothing but the triangular weighted geometric (TWG) operator.
The FTWG has developed a list of 35 ESDs for ISAM based on accident scenarios of which 33 concerned the Casual Model for Air Transport Safety (CATS) [10].