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FTXField Training Exercise
FTXFrequency Transmit
FTXFault-Tolerant Unix (Stratus)
FTXFeminist Technology Exchange
FTXFenix*TX (band)
FTXFemale to X
FTXFull Time External (employee classification; student classification)
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As temperatures rose well into the triple digits during the FTX, members of the 633rd MOS cared for participants while working to decrease the possibility of heat related illnesses, a very real threat.
I began with Hornady Custom .450 Bushmaster 250-grain FTX. With the first couple of five-shot strings, I got 2.9-inch and 3.1-inch groups.
For this phase of the operation, the lieutenants team up with Soldiers and noncommissioned officers from the 508th Transportation Company to convoy to Fort Pickett, Virginia, where the weeklong FTX takes place.
Understanding that the course must provide graduates who can thrive in a complex environment to win, the staff and a select number of MCCC student captains piloted an initiative that added a five-day field training exercise (FTX) to the course's syllabus to exercise and evaluate students in a live training environment where they plan and execute company-level operations.
Each year, the exercise steering committee determines which aspect of the manual to focus on for validation and builds the field training exercise (FTX) around those targeted training objectives.
Once zeroed, I fired three consecutive five-shot 25-yard groups over a sandbag with each type of ammunition in each handgun (I chose Winchester's 240-gain JSP and Hornady's 225-grain pointed FTX) and averaged the results.
To maintain proficiency in the field settings, the 618thDCAS/DENTAC Korea conducts a Situation Training Exercises (STX) twice a year and culminates in the annual Field Training Exercise (FTX).
At Turaco Farm, near Nanyuki Showground Camp, the soldiers carried out the final training exercise - FTX, which will bring all their training in Kenya into play as they exercise various scenarios as a battlegroup.
The intensity and urgency of the Seabees reactions did not betray the fact that these weren't real life-threatening situations; they were all just part of the annual field training exercise (FTX) Operations Bearing Duel.
In November 2008, over one hundred feminists from all over the world gathered at the Monkey Valley Resort near Cape Town, South Africa for the Feminist Tech Exchange (FTX).
The large-scale field training exercise (FTX) validates all aspects of crisis response and consequence and crisis management.
FECON, Inc introduces the FTX 90-L Severe Duty Multi-Terrain Loader for a variety of vegetation management and reforestation applications.