FTXSFujitsu Transaction Solutions
FTXSFDDI Transmission System
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While defenders trucked through miles of untamed terrain, feeding the beast fell to the small team of eight who also practiced their expeditionary skills by feeding more than 100 members participating in the FTX. Finding dining accommodations in the woods complicated their mission so Airmen set up a food preparation tent to store, cook, and serve meals-a skill they may need if downrange.
As temperatures rose well into the triple digits during the FTX, members of the 633rd MOS cared for participants while working to decrease the possibility of heat related illnesses, a very real threat.
For this phase of the operation, the lieutenants team up with Soldiers and noncommissioned officers from the 508th Transportation Company to convoy to Fort Pickett, Virginia, where the weeklong FTX takes place.
Instructors teach priorities of work in the classroom and expect them to be followed during the FTX. With the opposing force roaming, area security is essential.
A little higher than FTX. Having seen two elk fall to MFX bullets in the .308 ME, I'm impressed by their terminal effect.
* All training is managed by HHC; however, each fire support team develops a working relationship with a maneuver company and is task-organized to that company (or wherever else the commander feels the team is best-suited) during deployments and FTXs.
Fire supporters receive the vital training and equipment they need while also developing crucial working relationships with the maneuver companies they expect to support during deployments and FTXs. They don't fall "under the radar," and they aren't ignored by higher echelons--as often happens with CBRN personnel, training, and supplies.
During the February 2005 FTX, soldiers were given the mission to install, operate, and maintain six computers in a local area network within a simulated combat environment.
To make the FTX more realistic, the 551st is using role players in authentic Afghan/ Iraqi clothing to simulate non-English speaking civilians and potential combatants on the battlefield.
To teach junior logistics officers how to support in this decisive action environment, the tactics team of the Basic Officer Leader Department (BOLD) at the Army Logistics University at Fort Lee, Va., created a field training exercise (FTX) that incorporates the decisive action training environment (DATE).
Following a field training exercise (FTX) at Yukon Training Area, Fort Wainwright, the platoon was capable of performing any doctrinal CBRN reconnaissance mission.
Collaborating with local agencies was crucial to the success of the FTX because we needed space, equipment, and other resources to create the virtual and constructive components of the training.