FTZForeign-Trade Zone
FTZFree-Trade Zone
FTZFree Trade Zone
FTZFlush to Zero
FTZFushi Tarazu (gene)
FTZFernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt (German telephone standard organization)
FTZFunky Threadz (clothing)
FTZForschungs- und Technologiezentrum der Deutschen Telekom
FTZFinite Transmission Zero
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While the Shanghai FTZ, opened in September 2013, has long struggled to live up to its initial promise of free-flowing currency and easier international trade, more businesses are increasingly deserting the 28.78 square kilometer Waigaoqiao zone.
However, FTZs such as Swafford Warehousing are known as General Purpose Zones, and we differ in that we do not benefit directly from the FTZ program, but instead offer our Zone to any company who would like to benefit from its use.
According to a statement from UAQ FTZ, it is set to create an independently functioning sustainable industrial smart city, where SME's, Fintech start-ups, R&D centres, logistics, outsourcing and alternative power related industries can flourish.
Before 2013, companies that wanted to get FTZ benefits had to be located within a specific designated area.
Whelan: With our value-added packaging division within the FTZ, we can combine import merchandise with domestic merchandise or high-duty imported components and then import the finished good at a lower tariff rate, an inverted tariff.
The governor said the Federal Government was considering Mubi to host the FTZ due to its commercial potential in the North East region.
Ziyadov reminded that the draft law on the FTZ, which is being created in the Alat settlement, successfully passed two readings in the Parliament.
The Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) has gained final approval from the US Department of Commerce to designate Miami International Airport's entire 3,230-acre land parcel as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) magnet site, the company said.
"We intend to strengthen trade facilitation programme," Mr Rotich says in the draft BPS.The Mombasa FTZ is conceived to serve the landlocked states under the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa).
The major advantage of merchandise admitted to an FTZ is that it is treated as though it were located outside the United States for customs duty purposes.
Rakez is now one of the largest economic zones in the region, covering about 33 million sq m of land and housing over 13,000 companies, currently served by RAK FTZ and Rakia.