FUAForce Unit Access
FUAFuerza Universal Aplicada (Spanish: Universal Applied Force)
FUAFlexible Use of Airspace
FUAFunds under Advice
FUAFutura International Airways
FUAFunds Under Administration
FUAFuel Use Act
FUAFixed Wing Utility Aircraft (US Army)
FUAFlorence University of the Arts (Florence, Italy)
FUAForced Unit Access
FUAFunctional Urban Area
FUAFacility Use Agreement
FUAFrequently Used Acronym
FUAFollow-Up Action (legal)
FUAFree Universal Access
FUAFire Unit Analyzer
FUAFierce Urban Apparel (Louisville, KY)
FUAForeign Use Agreement
FUAFolded-Unipole Antenna
FUAFelles Ungdoms Arrangement (Norwegian youth organization)
FUAForever United Apparel (online clothing store)
FUAFredericksburg Umpires Association (Fredericksburg, VA)
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3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act together with Fua and seven others.
The ombudsman said Fua conspired with former municipal government officials in the award of the contract and release of payment to Perzebros despite anomalies in the procurement.
Regarding the data of the analysis, as an urban unit the Functional Urban Area (FUA) is utilised -which consists of a city and its commuting zone- for reasons of data availability and comparability between different countries, 2 as is the case in several previous similar analyses (see Nordregio et al.
This was the beginning of a rocky period for Alberta farm organizations, with the press and some of its own FUA members attacking the new organization for harbouring Communists.
State Character Development, Women and Family Development and Social Welfare committee chairman Wong May Ing said she was hashing out the issue with Youth and Sports committee chairman Howard Lee Chuan How to come up with a long-term solution to help other athletes like Fua in Perak.
These deals may not be ideal from the point of view of the opposition, and in some cases not even ideal for the government, as with the four towns deal, and the bombing of Shiite civilians who left the besieged towns of Fua and Kefraya en route to government-held Aleppo.
Another report said protesters had blocked the road used by the buses carrying civilians out of Aleppo on Friday, demanding that the injured in Fua and Kefraya also be allowed to leave.
Herein lies the problem; Lebanon and Cyprus enjoy friendly relations, neither has staked out an extreme position in this process, talks on an FUA have made progress and a delineation map was agreed upon way back in 2007.
Abraham Fua, a 19-year-old Israeli Jew, has been taken in for questioning after singing the Israeli national anthem, Hatikvah ("The Hope"), out loud on the Temple Mount.
"We urge the Assad regime to fulfill immediately its stated pledge -- to lift its siege and to allow humanitarian access not just in Madaya, but to a town called Fua and another town called Kafraya, as well as many other towns throughout Syria that are suffering at the hands of the Assad regime," State Department Spokesperson John Kirby told reporters.