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FUCFront Uni pour le Changement (French: United Front for Change)
FUCFirst Union Center
FUCFunctional Upgrade Check
FUCFate/Unlimited Codes (video game)
FUCFlash of Unstyled Content (web development)
FUCFédération des Unions Commerciales (French: Federation of Trade Unions)
FUCFollow Up Call
FUCFollow-Up Committee (various organizations)
FUCFather Urios College
FUCForward Unit Commander
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Pectin monosaccharides DM Ara Fuc Gal Seed coat 79(*) 3.90 0.29 2.42(**) Cotyledon 896(*) 14.45 2.95 36.60(**) Whole seed([dagger]) - 19.21 3.40(**) 39.17(**) Rha UA Pectin Xyl Seed coat 1.17(*) 6.86 14.64 7.31(*) Cotyledon 2.79 24.01(*) 80.80(**) 5.94(*) Whole seed([dagger]) 4.29 33.96 100.04(*) 14.28(**) Man Glc CWP Seed coat 4.98 27.48 54 Cotyledon 4.43 14.52(*) 106(*) Whole seed([dagger]) 10.16(*) 42.84(**) 167(*) (*), (**) Genotypic differences significant at 0.05 and 0.01 probability levels, respectively.
The underground student resistance was nevertheless found more in the two student organizations that emerged out of the proscribed FUC, the Peronist, Frente Estudiantil Nacional, and the Marxist, Coordinadora Estudiantil en Lucha, both of which then based their opposition to the regime more on its university policies and the general lack of democratic freedoms in the country than in favor of the establishment of socialism in Argentina.
Although determination of the type of linkage between Gal and Fuc was not possible because of the limitation of the materials, it is very likely to be O1-4 according to results obtained so far on other species belonging to protostomes.
Abbreviations: GSL: glycosphingolipids; Glc: D-glucose; Gal: D-galactose; GlcNAc: N-acetyl-D-glucosamine; GalNAc: N-acetyl-D-galactosamine; NeuAc: N-acetyl-neuraminic acid; Fuc: L-fucose.
Every so often Carol picks out a sequence of letters - FUC, for instance - which causes the place to dissolve.
On the other hand, basic transferrins (asialotransferrins) appear to contain a completely different form of carbohydrate side chain attached to [Asn.sup.630], corresponding to an N-linked biantennary structure composed of 2 GlcNAc, 3 Man, 3 GlcNAc, and 1 fucose (Fuc; see putative structure in Table 2).