FUCOFormosan United Corporation (Taiwan)
FUCOFirst Unitarian Church of Orlando (Florida)
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Within four months, CTCB was able to work with ISIS Papyrus and FUCO Technology to implement a Papyrus application platform that established a foundation for meeting near-term and long-range business needs and compliance requirements.
From a proteomic perspective, the protein [alpha]-L-fucosidase (FUCO) encoded by the gene Fucal, which is systematically downregulated in response to CCK treatment, is likely to play an important role in human reproduction (Khunsook et al., 2003).
These proteins are APOE, clusterin (CLUS), [alpha]-L-fucosidase (FUCO), galectin-3 binding protein (LG3BP), and phosphatidylethanolamine binding protein 1 (PEBP1).
FUCO was downregulated with CCK at all time points.
However, in the upper sediment layers the contents of Chl a, Pheo a, Fuco, Diadino and Diato were higher from May to July than from August to October (Fig.
In water Chl a was followed by Zea, Fuco, Diadino, Pheo a, Cantha and Diato.
No correlation was detected between Fuco, Diadino, Zea and Cantha concentrations in water and in upper sediment layers except the positive correlation between Cantha in water and in the 0-1 cm sediment layer.
The motif of Fortune's concealment through dyes, paints, rouges, or other materials is a favorite of Chaucer's, and it seems to originate in a passage spoken by Philosophy at the beginning of book Two of the Consolatio when she first introduces the topic of the goddess: Intellego multiformes illius prodigii fucos (2.pr.l.3), a phrase that Chaucer translates in the Boece as "I undirstonde the felefolde colours and desceytes of thilke merveylous monstre Fortune" (2.pr.1.14-16).
The Province's liquidity tools are quite diverse as it can cover temporary deficits of the provincial treasury through the use of the fund balances of the entire province's non-financial public sector without financial cost (FUCO, its Spanish acronym, ARS11.7 billion in 2017).