FUCPFata Urban Centers Project (Pakistan)
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The predicted tertiary structures of the six pseudogenes (STM3828.1N, STM3191, STM4431, fucP, STM0326 and STM1553) showed considerable structural homology with bacterial 2-dehydro-3-deoxy-6-phosphogalactonate aldolase, aryl sulfate sulfotransferase, acetohydroxy-acid synthase, L-fucose transporter, glycerol dehydratase activator and paired box proteins respectively (Fig.
The participants were informed that under FUCP, the Infrastructure investments in roads, streets and drains, and water supply subprojects have commenced implementation; the solar powered street light subproject is complete and operational.
Strong signal of ([B.sub.1]-type ion) at m/z 225.0 from the cleavage of sulfated at C-2 [alpha]-L-Fucp residues [31] (with loss of water molecule) along with intensive Y3-type ion at m/z 225.0 together with signal from the loss of NaS[O.sub.4.sup.-] at m/z and small [sup.0,2]X-type signal at m/z 138.9 (indicator of 4-linked and sulfated at C-2 Fucp residue on the reducing end) suggested that sulfate occupied mostly position C-4 of the reducing 3-linked Fucp residue.