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FUDOFear Uncertainty Doubt Obfuscation (propoganda)
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See Murphy (2015), Shields (2011) and Sevilla (2017), for an overview of aidagara and fudo, and below for an interpretation of emptiness.
Aizen, similarly to his fellow wisdom king, Fudo, plays a critical part in the implicit pantheon that Faure uncovers--that of a bona fide Buddhist figure whose role borders on the transgressive.
5/21-23 Chukyo TV Bridgestone Ladies Open Yuri Fudo
Watsuji's Climate and Culture (Fudo) classifies human cultures according to three predominant climate zones: the "desert" of North Africa, the Middle East, and central Asia; the "meadow" of Europe and the Mediterranean basin; and the "monsoon" of Asia.
Fudo et al., "An expert system for restoration of distribution network," in Proc.
Though gender has no influence on the grammatical structure in terms of prefixes of either masculine or feminine nouns such as mvundla (hare) and fudo (tortoise), feminine nouns are often marked by a distinctive suffix in isiXhosa.
O melhor contraste evidenciado foi o de fudo preto com letras amarelas, pois se mostrou o menos "cansativo" segundo os usuarios entrevistados (LABTATE, 2007).
(4) Korean Food Divination (Kankoku fudo uranai) is found at <http://www.k-plaza.com/life/life_uranaitop.html>22Jan.2008.
Yuri Fudo, Shiho Oyama, Miki Saiki, South Korea's Jeon Mi Jeong and China's Zhang Na were a further stroke back.
Fortyish taxi driver Fudo (Sasa Petrovic, winner of Sarajevo fest's actor gong) supplements his meager earnings by giving tips to a criminal gang and turning a blind eye to other illegal activities.