FUENFederal Union of European Nationalities
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The President of FUEN Vincze was accompanied by Vice President of FUEN Angelika Mlinar, Ambassador Valentin Inzko (National Council of Carinthian Slovenes), Bernard Sadovnik (Carinthian Slovenes and Slovenk), Walter Bandelj (Council of Slovenian Organizations in Italy) and Dnes Andrs Nagy (FUEN).
During the visit to Slovenia, FUEN representatives also met with other Slovenian interlocutors.
FUEN is the largest European umbrella organization that combines 105 autochthonous national minorities from 35 countries.
The project of developing a "law of ethnic groups" (in German, "Volksgruppenrecht"), as championed by NGOS such as the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN), is meant to provide a legal framework taking appropriate account of this supposedly at once ethnological and political fact, if necessary by relativizing or even amending the structures and borders of existing states.
The fine-grained ethnic survey of Europe's national populations recently co-authored by former FUEN president (and current director of the South Tirolean Ethnic Group Institute) Christoph Pan makes this perfectly clear.
We are proud of the fact that more than the required one million people have signed the initiative for the protection of minorities, which was jointly launched by the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) and the RMDSZ.
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