FUFFöreninegn för Utvecklingsfrågor (Swedish development organization)
FUFFrank Und Freunde (web design company, Stuttgart, Germany)
FUFFriends of the Urban Forest
FUFFrederikshavn Ungdoms Fællesråd (Danish youth council)
FUFFiles under Folders (algorithm)
FUFForbundet Unge Forskere (Norwegian Association of Young Scientists)
FUFFrequently Used Function
FUFFriends of the Upland Farmer
FUFFellow Up Front (military slang; polite form)
FUFFat Ugly Friend
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The new permanent exhibitions "mathematical games and instruments" msi, "electronics" elk and "photo and film" fuf on the second floor in the west wing of the collection building are each divided into their thematic areas.
Two simplified systems of presenting FOP nutrition information include FUF and Traffic Lights (TL).
Ryan Teller, Development Manager at FUF, describes the event's site, the Outer Sunset neighborhood as "...
Fuf Sac Bean Bag Love 5% #1 #2 #3 Seat Foof Chair Beanbag a #1 #2 #3 auction #1 #2 This listing is for a new Foof bag #1 #2 #3 #4 Wedge Lounger.
CUDDLY FRIEND: Natalie Thompson, 13, from Mansfield, with Fuf, an albino jill.
Through the organisation FUF they intend to make sure that their interests are represented in the Finnish parliament.
A letter from the Canadian Ambassador to Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi on February 21, warns that the nationalisation of the airport operator, FUF, appears to violate the obligations of the investment protection agreement between Canada and Hungary, and that the issue could seriously damage foreign investment in Hungary.
Airport Development Co (ADC), a Canadian-based firm registered in Cyprus, set up the FUF joint venture with Hungary's former state-owned airport and air traffic administrator LRI in 1996.
Juillerat's 'Air, Fire, Sound' details the construction of the fuf wooden trumpets and the anba hand drum of the Yafar in the Amanab linguistic area of West Sepik Province.
Tenders are invited for Tender for urinal fuf single seater
In a statement on Friday, Tinyefuza through a diaspora political pressure group, Freedom and Unity Front (FUF) said the political situation in Uganda was deteriorating.
To learn more about rental programs in your city, visit livingchristmastrees.org (Portland), adoptachristmastree.com(San Diego), or fuf.net (San Francisco).