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FUFUFantastically, Unbelievably Fouled Up
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Sadly, helping to babysit Fufu doesn't help her preparation.
At home, priestesses have the same value as priests and both men and women pound out fufu.
So she resorts first to putting a spell -- or fufu -- on him.
In the south, people eat more of root crops such as yams and cassava, as well as plantains, in both the northern and southern regions the foods are cooked, then pounded with a pestle until they form a sticky mass called fufu, which is then formed into balls and dipped into tasty sauces.
The study has identified about five industries that are currently processing plantains into fufu flour.
Two days prior, 11-year old Olawunmi Olusanya had been sent out to hawk fufu at around 8p.
After every test, a tough lump like poorly made fufu formed in my throat and stayed there until our exercise books come back.
In Ghana, one may eat fufu (pounded yam, cassava, or plantains) with a choice of meat or vegetable sauce or with groundnut stew, whereas in the eastern maritime regions of Tanzania and Mozambique, the accompaniment is often what is called a "relish," composed of fresh fish, meat, or green legumes.
If you give them anything--bread sandwich, Caesar salad--they don't consider it as food, until they've sat down with their bowl of fufu and soup.
AoThis is the first time IAAEve had a fufu dog,Ao he says.