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FUGHFREEON Unitary Group Formulation
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In 1976, Fugh returned to Germany as the Staff Judge Advocate, 3d Armored Division.
After his job at the 3d Armored Division ended, Fugh attended the Army War College.
(36) In 1982, now Colonel Fugh became the Chief of the Army's Litigation Division.
Success in this position certainly accounts for Fugh being promoted to brigadier general on August 1, 1984.
With one star on each shoulder, Fugh now assumed duties as the Assistant Judge Advocate General for Civil Law.
In July 1988, Brigadier General Fugh returned to China for the first time since he had fled with his mother in 1949.
In May 1989, Fugh was nominated to be a major general and to serve as The Assistant Judge Advocate General.
As a result, in mid-1991, Fugh was a major general; he had been confirmed as the number two lawyer in the Army in late 1990.
Personnel glitches at the brigadier general-level in the Corps also meant that when Fugh pinned on his second star, there were no more judge advocate one-stars.
In the high operational tempo of combat operations in Southwest Asia, Major General Fugh got a number of novel questions--and got them at all hours.
Fugh was also asked about decisions made by judge advocates in the field.
The 100-hour war with Saddam Hussein ended in February 1991; Fugh was elevated to be The Judge Advocate General on April 2, 1991.